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  • The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture

    Climate change would strongly affect agriculture, but scientists still don’t know exactly how. Most agricultural impacts studies are based on the results of general circulation models (GCMs). These climate models indicate that rising levels of greenhouse gases are likely to increase the global average surface temperature by 1.5-4.5 C over the next 100 years, raise sea-levels (thus inundating farmland and making coastal groundwater saltier), amplify extreme weather events such as storms and hot...

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  • For an action plan for Bihar : Action to revive livelihoods when the floods recede is as important as savinglives. This will call for a proactive,“beyond-the-flood strategy.”

    The Kosi floods are still causing immense human hardship in some parts of Nepal, but more severely in Bihar. In Bihar, over 2.5 million children, women and men are experiencing mental and physical shock and suffering due to displacement from their homes, deficiency of food intake, lack of access to clean drinking water and spread of epidemics. Women and children as well as the poor suffer the most. Fortunately, there is a spontaneous outpouring of concern and compassion in our country in the...

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  • Climate change will pose new challenges to disaster management

    Natural hazards are purely natural but climate change may exacerbate it. Anthropogenic interventions convert hazards into disasters. Climate change and natural disasters should be dealt with mutually and not in isolation.

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