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What we do

At MSSRF climate change issues are addressed as a “cross cutting theme”. It has the privilege to make interventions and to collaborate with all other programme areas of MSSRF. To achieve the overall goal of MSSRF (science for sustainable development) through the lens of climate change, several activities and initiatives have been undertaken to strengthen the capacity of local communities to adapt to climate change and mitigate climate-related risks. MSSRF catalyzes local solutions to climate emergency by an urgent research and action, a necessity of rural and vulnerable communities to the threat of climate change. The cross cutting theme of climate change addresses these challenges in three perspectives climate change actionable research, climate change policies and climate change capacity building. In a nutshell, MSSRF through its anticipatory and participatory research and actionable climate solution, we do                       

  • Climate change research:: Enhance the adaptive capacities of rural communities at the arid, semi arid and coastal regions of India  through evidence based climate change research;
  • Climate change policies: Play a key role in climate science based policy research on mainstreaming adaptation and mitigation of climate change in various sectors such as agriculture and food security, waster, coasts, clean energy security etc.;
  • Climate change capacity building: Build capacities at local community level through training the trainer programs, workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences. Thus, the outcome of “climate change cross cutting theme” of MSSRF is not a standalone achievement; rather it is a collective accomplishment of all partnering programme areas.