Water Security- Key Issue for the World Environment Day: Prof Swaminathan

June 5, 2018: India is the global host of the 2018 World Environment Day. Beat Plastic Pollution has been chosen as the focal theme. This is a very important issue and I do hope that the messages on the World Environment Day will help to improve understanding of the adverse consequences of plastic pollution. My message for this day is however on the need to step up our efforts in the field of water security. Even a city like Shimla is suffering from acute water shortage which has resulted in the temporary shutdown of schools and even courts. I will therefore like to suggest that we in India should not lose further time in developing and implementing a water security system in every Panchayat. The five pronged water security system should consists of
  • Mandatory rainwater harvesting and storage
  • Surface water management (i.e. rivers and lakes)
  • Groundwater conservation coupled with both supply augmentation and demand management
  • Waste water purification and recycling
  • Sea water utilisation.
Sea water provides 97% of the world’s water resource and it is important to promote sea water farming as well as below sea level farming. Thus, in this World Environment Day, we should prevent plastic pollution on the one hand and promote water security on the other.