Upcoming Event: Seminar on Hydroponics

Chennai, January 22, 2018: M S Swaminathan Research Foundation invites you to a seminar on 'Hydroponics - An alternative method for sustainable agriculture in peri-urban areas' by Mr Pradeep Thaker, Managing Director, Thaker Agrotek on January 25, 2019. The seminar will take place at the Sambasivam auditorium, MSSRF Chennai, at 11.15 am. 

About the talk

Mr. Pradeep Thaker and his team at Thaker Agrotek have over 25 years of experience on using the hydroponics technology for agriculture. Hydroponics is defined as growing plants without soil and using water as the main medium to provide nutrients. The talk would be about the different models available within hydroponics and its usability to create household roof top gardens, with demonstration of a few of these technologies. According to Mr. Thaker, the roof top models can be given to families who love to grow their own daily vegetables and micro greens without the use of any harmful pesticides and insecticides.To know more information about his work please visit: http://agro.thakergroup.com/