Towards a new regional agenda: Bringing visibility to rural women in South Asia

In 2018, LANSA formed a partnership with UN Women - an influential global and regional stakeholder, to co-host a regional roundtable on ‘Recognising the Rights of Women Agricultural Workers in South Asia: Roundtable on Policy, Politics and Impact’. This was held in Bangkok in October 2018 bringing together diverse group of stakeholders from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, including policymakers, representatives from governments, universities and research institutions, international organizations, civil society organisations and grassroots activists.

The roundtable provided an exciting opportunity for sharing research findings and policy engagement experiences, and brought forward a new regional agenda casting spotlight on the rights of rural women. A statement of joint recommendations was adopted and consensus was to bring transformative change in the lives of women agricultural workers. The statement encapsulates a set of action recommendations to focus on policy, legal and programmatic changes so as to recognise, protect and promote the rights of women agricultural workers. It mirrors the voice of rural women excluded from several policy dialogues and lays out a range of provisions, which women should receive from governments. The regional roundtable is one major step towards recognising the contribution of women agricultural workers - energy and commitment for continued engagement with the issue is pledged. To know about LANSA's work on women, read their latest blog