Remembering Borlaug - Photo exhibition and panel discussion on March 25, 2019

MSSRF is celebrating the 105th birth anniversary of Dr Norman E Borlaug, the father of green revolution with the World Food Prize on March 25, 2019. In connection with this a photo exhibition and a panel discussion is organised on the topic #RememberingBorlaug at 11.15 am in the premises of MSSRF, Chennai.

To celebrate his legacy in a more efficient way we will be sharing the memories remembering Borlaug using the hashtag #RememberingBorlaug in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. For more information of the celebration at World Food Prize, please check the weblink

The twitter handle of MSSRF: @mssrf

The twitter handle of Prof M S Swaminathan: @msswaminathan 

The facebook page of MSSRF: 

Join us in the celebration! Click this link for the agenda of the programme. 

Programme will start with a tea at 11.00 am.