Prof Swaminathan: Message for World Water Day 2019

Water security is basic to all other forms of security. There is now excitement that water has been found on the moon’s surface. In order to ensure sustainable water security for all, we should encourage every Panchayat to develop a local level water security plan based on the following components:

* Mandatory water harvesting of rain water

* Mandatory recycling of waste water

* Conservation of rain and river water

* Efficient use of sea water for coastal area water security and for creating additional jobs and income through sea water and below sea level farming

* Harnessing dew and snow

What is important is the collection and conservation of all forms of water and their efficient use. Every block should have a water security committee consisting equal number of women and men.The gender dimension of water security should receive special attention since women play a keyrole in the conservation and sustainable use of all forms of water.

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