Prof Swaminathan: Honouring traditional wisdom

Areas in where tribal families live are usually characterized by rich cultural, culinary and curative diversity. A rich centre of diversity in rice occurs in the Koraput area of Odisha. Women have particularly played a keyrole in biodiversity conservation. They have attended in an integrated way to conservation, cultivation, consumption and commerce. It is therefore a matter of pride that a leading member of the Koraput tribal families, Smt Kamala Pujari was recently conferred with the Padma Shri by the Hon’ble President of India. Kamala Pujari played an important role in participatory breeding leading to the development of 'Kalinga Kalajeera'. The life and work of Kamala Pujari under difficult circumstances should be a source of pride and encouragement to all the tribal families of the area and I salute them.