Neem oil sprayer for sustainable management of pests and diseases in crops

A training was organized on 29 June 2021 in Kolli Hills of Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu to educate communities about sustainable pest and plant disease management. Men and women tribal farmers from Sundakadu and Bailnadu Panchayats participated.

A two-liter neem Oil-based sprayer was distributed for use on Wadi (Small orchard and nutrients rich crops garden) fields.

The training was a part of activities under ‘Multi Story Mixed Farm and Tribal Development Fund(MSMF TDF)’ project. The project is funded by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). The project aims to increase income to ensure nutrition security and environmental sustainability of 500 tribal farm families over a period of 6 years (2019-2025). It was launched in November 2019 in Kolli Hills.

The benefits of the application of neem Oil and sprayer discussed and demonstrated with communities. The neem oil act as natural pesticide and fungicide which helps in controlling Arthropods pests – aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, mealybugs – which damage tender leaves and stems of plants like lemon, moringa, Sesbania, Jackfruits and mango saplings. These pests create injury points in plant tissues that exposed plants to fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases. Neem oil-based sprayers act as obstructions in the development of pest eggs, larvae.

Besides farmers, the MSSRF project team, Wadi guide, and District Development Manager of NABARD Namakkal were present on this programme.