International Day for Biological Diversity 2020: Prof M S Swaminathan

May 22 2020 was the International Day for Biological Diversity. On this occasion Prof M S Swaminathan, Founder MSSRF issued a special statement as follows:

"Biodiversity Day reminds us that diversity is the foundation of life. In an extensive paper on Biodiversity – Microbes to Man, I had indicated at the International Congress of Genetic in 1983, that our fundamental duty is to protect and enrich our biodiversity. The coronavirus attack reminds us of the importance of conserving biodiversity to be useful for producing vaccine. In my 1983 address, I also mentioned the need for storage conditions which can be under a permafrost location. I am happy that this suggestion was followed up and that we have at Svalbard in Norway, an International Gene Vault, which will help us to conserve genes for the future. Let this be our commitment on this International day of Biological Diversity."