Gaja cyclone: Revival of livelihoods and recommendations for rehabilitation

Chennai, December 6, 2018: Gaja cyclone crossed the Tamil Nadu coast on 16th November, 2018. In its wake, it caused destruction to lives and property. MSSRF undertook a rapid assessment survey of the damages in the coastal districts of Nagapattinam. The coastal blocks of the Nagapattinam district, namely Vedaranyam, Keelaiyur and Thalaingayar bore the maximum brunt of the cyclone. The impact has been measured in terms of damages to property, livestock, fisheries, salt farming. The report also assessed the general impact of the cyclone on special groups such as women and children.


The MSSRF scientists  have made recommendations, which have been grouped as short term, medium term and long term measures. The recommendations are mainly to help the fishers, farmers and salt workers recover their livelihoods and recoup some of their losses. Suggestions were also made to help retain students in schools and colleges and continue their education.

The short term measures (for the next 3 months) are given for agriculture, fisheries and others. The medium term measures (4 months to 3 years) focus on the areas of agriculture, salt farming, greening the coastal areas, as also education and housing. The long term measures, for more than 3 years, have mainly focussed on training on good and sustainable coastal agriculture practices.

The full report can be accessed here