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13 Mar

The Joy of Holi: Prof M S Swaminathan

Chennai, March 13, 2017: Today is celebrated as Holi in North India.  Holi marks the harvest festival and is accompanied by special dances like Bhangra. This year the wheat harvest promises to be very good because of favourable temperature and climatic conditions. Holi is a symbol of the important role agriculture plays in our life and economy. Let the joy of Holi spread throughout the country so that our farm families who constitute nearly two thirds of the population benefit from favourable climate, agriculture technologies, public policies and markets.


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07 Mar

Saving Women from occupational hazards : An area of serious neglect - Prof M S Swaminathan

Chennai, March 07, 2017: On International Women’s Day, there will be discussions all over the world on methods of promoting gender equity and justice. Particular attention will be paid to the technological empowerment of women and also to elimination of gross discrepancies in recognition such as fellowship of scientific academies, and higher positions in the world of science and education.  I would like to draw attention to the urgent need for addressing issues relating to occupational hazards in gender specific activities.

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16 Feb

Monsoon Management Strategy: Prof M S Swaminathan

Chennai, February 16, 2017: I have been advocating a two pronged strategy to deal with monsoon behaviour, viz., maximising output during good years and minimising the impact of adverse monsoon. This year according to government reports, nearly 272 million tonnes of food grains will be produced by our farmers, thanks to good monsoon and government support policy. We should do our best to build substantial buffer stock taking advantage of the very good production. This will call for attractive support price and a farmer friendly public procurement policy.

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