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21 Nov

World Fisheries Day: A time to remember, a Time to Act


“Save the Ocean, Save the Nation”

November 21, 2017: Fishing is recognized as one of the most -risky professions in the world with hundreds of lives lost at sea every year and many more affected by the implied occupational hazards in this profession. Fisheries and aquaculture employ more than 43.5 million individuals worldwide. Fish provide more than 25% of the world dietary protein.

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14 Nov

Without Bonn, there is no Paris


This year’s UN Climate Change Conference kicked off in Bonn on November 6 and will go on till November 17, 2017 with strong, unified calls to hold to the path of the Paris Climate Change Agreement1. The island nation Fiji, is presiding over the COP (Conference of Parties) as the Presidency; the UNFCCC Secretariat will be hosting COP23 at its headquarters in Bonn, with the support of the German Government and the City of Bonn.

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