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25 Aug

Coping with soil salinity: Lessons from a wild rice species


Climate change and sea level rise is increasingly affecting coastal regions of India. Intrusion of sea water into agricultural lands in coastal regions is increasing soil salinity (increasing soil sodium ion content), affecting agricultural productivity. Roots are plant organs that first perceive salt in the soil that is then transported into root tissues, into the xylem for transport to aerial organs (leaf tissues/reproductive parts). Salinity disrupts ion homeostasis in plants (mostly potassium ions that is a macro-ion needed for plant growth and development).

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01 Jun
Photo credit: Dr Suresh Babu, IFPRI

Bouncing back from COVID-19: Lessons from the Food Crisis

Globally, COVID-19 is a public health emergency with grave impact on the population of the world, especially the poor and marginalized.  It is estimated that 140 million additional people could fall into extreme poverty this year as a result of the virus, thus increasing food and nutrition insecurity.While much has been written about the potential impact, little is known on how to bounce back from such outbreaks.

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28 Mar

COVID-19 has halted the world but this is why we should still not 'fear message'​

All of Hollywood's fantasies and science fiction seem to be playing out in real life as the world comes together to take on the #coronavirus. (note: not the 'dreaded' corona and that's for a reason). Tragically, a few days ago, a man suspected to be infected, jumped off from the 7th floor of the hospital in Delhi where he was taken, to his death. We also had the quote of a chief minister of an Indian state who remarked that there would be 'shoot at sight' at anyone who violated the lockdown over corona.

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31 Dec

Knowledge sharing from across the world


Seminars and Events of MSSRF in 2019

As a research institution with open doors and windows, 2019 was a year of opportunity, listening to eminent academics across numerous knowledge-sharing events, or serving as a platform for discussions on key themes of current concern. Here is a snapshot of some of these key events and seminars during the year.  

Jan 16, 2019

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