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Center for Research on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
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Bridging the Digital and Gender Divides and Ensuring Inclusiveness in Access to ICT


Information, Education and Communication (IEC) is dealing with bridging the digital divide, gender divide and knowledge divide using different communication tools at different levels. Since 1992, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) has been implementing the Village Resource Centres (VRCs) and Village Knowledge Centres (VKCs). VRCs and VKCs mainly provide need-based locale-specific, demand driven information content (both dynamic and static) based on collection of several secondary data and a well-planned need assessment, organizing training and awareness programmes and making linkages with several leading institutions / organizations for translating the content into field-based applications. In 2003, the VRC and VKC programmes were further strengthened by the creation of the Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy (NVA) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)-VRC programme. This programme involves collaboration with several international and national partners for developing content and capacity to embark on sustainable rural development. This programme also leads to identifying and selecting grassroots people who involve rural transformation in the area of sustainable development and awarding the NVA Fellowship. During 2003, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation and many institutions launched a multistake-holder partnership network called “Mission 2007: Every Village a Knowledge Centre”. The purpose of the movement is to know how we will take ICT-enabled development activities to all over India particularly in the rural areas as a consortium mode. Since then every one of this network members will have annual meet and discuss many issues related to content, capacity building, care and management, connectivity, financial sustainability, etc. The mission is referred to as ‘Grameen Gyan Abhiyan – Rural Knowledge Movement” since August 2007.

Under the CD-ROM library this programme provides necessary research inputs to researchers in the area of agriculture. The Hindu Media Resource Centre of the MSSRF is organizing several theme-based media interactions, organizing millennium lectures, etc. in different facets of sustainable development.

Jamsetji Tata National Virtual Academy (NVA)
ISRO Village Resource Centres & Village Knowledge Centres
Jamsetji Tata Training School
Grameen Gyan Abhiyan (GGA)
Multimedia Resource Centre (MRC)
The Hindu media Resource Centre
Library and Information Services

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